Error Facebook: How to bypass the error and login to read your messages

Right from the day Facebook Introduced the "Facebook App for Every Phone", I have been noticing the "Error | Facebook" message while trying to access Facebook Mobile ( via my Nokia browser and Mozilla firefox. This really made it very hard for me to reply loads of my Facebook messages, not until I discovered a solution, which I decided to share with you today.

So, what is the way out?

1. Instead of going to on your phone or Internet browser, just go to  Enter your Facebook Login details and you will instantly have access to your Facebook messages. From your inbox, you can follow the links to view your profile, comment on posts etc but if you click on the "Home" link, you might see the "Error" message again, hence, don't bother clicking on the "Home" link.

2. Try and access with your Opera Mini or Bolt Lite Browser and you should be able to access your Facebook Messages.

I hope this simple tricks works....also hoping Facebook will fix this bug asap.

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Jide Ogunsanya


  1. I have been facing this problem for over a week now. You just helped me..thanks so much man

  2. You are welcome bro. Took me some days to figure this out too. Just hoping Facebook fix this problem as soon as possible


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