How to disable AUTO-RENEWAL feature of Globacom Internet Subscriptions

If you are using Globacom SIM card to connect to the internet via your modem, tablet or mobile device, there are cases, whereby your subscription will be automatically renewed once it expires. Some subscribers seem not to like this feature, hence, have been asking me how to disable this. As a result of this, I have decided to share the trick with you.

How can I disable this?

Just use the Glo SIM to text CANCEL to 127  

After sending the text, you should receive a message telling you that your auto-renewal feature has been cancelled.  You can then be subscribing to the available Globacom Internet bundles at your own will.

Alternatively, if you are connected to the internet with your Glo SIM and then visit , you will see the "Renewal button" You can click it to Enable or Disable the Renewal feature.

I hope this helps...


Jide Ogunsanya


  1. I have been looking for how to stop this since i started using the 100naira bundle on my phone last week. Am glad that have now disabled it. Thx for sharing this


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