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A facebook "Poke" is a meaningless feature of Facebook which many Facebook users still find confusing. I have some facebook friends who just can't stop poking, poking me. Guess what I used to do? I keep poking and poking them back till they give While some people see poking as annoying, some just see it as fun.

Poke most commonly refers to the action of tapping and/or softly jabbing an object or person using a finger, stick, or similar object etc

The "Facebook Pokeaccording to my own personal understanding, is a feature of Facebook whose sole purpose is to attract the attention of another user. As pokes attract the attention of a user, they can be used for various different things and thus have different meanings. You can, for instance, poke a friend just as a way of saying “Hello. I am still alive”.

The only thing that happens when you poke someone is that this person receives a poke alert on his or her home page. Users can only poke a confirmed friend, someone in a shared network, or a friend of a friend.

The poke alert you receive when you are poked is just a poke icon with a message that says, “You were pocked by,” and the name and picture of the poker. It also has an option  to “Poke Back.” Using this option, sometimes people have “poke wars,” where they keep virtually poking and poking each other until someone gives up.

Might sound funny, but that’s what people do. I do that

Source: Yahoo Answers


  1. Anonymous7/20/2011

    Interesting post. I just Poke for fun too especially love poking

  2. I was not knowing this. And the information about that topic is good. And keep up this good work.


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