Pictures of Google Adsense Formats

If you are a Google Adsense publisher, you must be familiar with all the various Google Adsense Formats out there.  This helps a lot in Adsense optimisation which in return can also help you earn more from Google Adsense. You must be able to test the various formats out there so you can know the formats that are really bringing in the money for you.

Basically there are:

1. Text Ads
2. Image Ads
3. Video Ads
4. Link Units
5. Flash Ads
6. Mobile Ads

Go to https://www.google.com/adsense/static/en_US/AdFormats.html to check the various Adsense formats now and also view the sample placements.

The Leaderboard (728 x 90) is a must have on any blog and makes more sense when you set it up to also display rich media ads too ( images/flash).

In my future posts, I will explain how to arrange all your Adsense ads in ways that will be attracting clicks. remember, you can display maximum of 3 Ad units, 3 Link units and 2 search boxes on a page. hence, always make sure you make use of all this ad slots.


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  1. Anonymous7/13/2011

    Thanks. The Image and flash ads always look attractive and guess thats why they use to attract lots of clicks

  2. Excellent information. Something worth looking into. Thanks for sharing.


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