Angry Birds Tutorial: How to Play Angry Birds

If you are new to Angry Birds and just don't know how to play the Angry Birds game on your device, I have decided to share a tutorial with you so you can start playing the game asap.  I stumbled on the tutorial while combing the internet for "how to play Angry birds on iPad". After going through the tutorial, I am now enjoying the Angry Birds on my iPad.

You can download and install the Angry Birds to your iPhone, iPad from the Apple Store and you can also get it from the Ovi store for your Nokia Symbian phone.

In the game, the main purpose is to kill the pigs and destroy the obstacles to get high points and more starts on each level.

The points below is an overview about how to play Angry Birds on Chrome browser and I am sure you can use the idea to play the game on any device you might have installed it.

  • Launch the game, Press Play
  • Then on the Small Green box with the text “1. Poached Stages”
  • Then on the [1] as you are the beginner and you have to unlock all the stages yet
  • Pull the bird backward by pressing your left click and moving your mouse in backward direction
  • Then just release it by pointing towards right direction
  • Make your Aim the Pigs on the right side
  • You have to make the pig fall down or you have to directly hit them by a bird or something like wooden block or brick
  • Lesser Birds you use to complete the stage, more points you will get
  • You will be awarded 10000 points on each saved bird
  • Try to complete the stage by scoring well and get three stars
  • Proceed to the next stage by clicking on the “Double Arrow” sign (fast forward symbol)
For more explanation on how to play the game using pictures as guide, check out: How to play Angry Birds on Chrome

I hope this helps...

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Jide Ogunsanya


  1. I also have the Angry Birds on my laptop but just dont know how to play it. I will give it a try asap. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Goto this page and there is the angry birds flash game and lot of similar games too! C:

    Play Angry Birds Online Here :

  3. Anonymous8/20/2011

    Are you that silly that you need a tutorial that reproduces the in game instructions ?

    take the time to read the instructions rather that searching for rubbish like this posing as information......

    If you really want to learn how to use this and all other programs - push some buttons and see what they do... if you don't understand a response you can always press cancel/back......

  4. info like this will be helpful for people that find it hard to unlock the help file. The help file is not that easy to access on all devices..


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