How to update facebook status via Blackberry WITHOUT using Blackberry Phone

If you do not have BlackBerry phone, you can now update your Facebook status in such a way that your friends will think you are using a Blackberry phone. This is possible via a Funny Facebook Updater web application which some of my Facebook friends shared with me. It doesn't actually update your Facebook status from a Blackberry, it just changes the "published via Blackberry".

With Funny Facebook Updater, you can pretend as if you are updating your Facebook Status with any device you can think of.  There are loads of funny options to choose from. Imagine, pretending you are updating your Facebook Status via toilet, via Calculator? Quite funny..huh? Well, it's all for fun.

One more thing I like about the application is the fact that you can also create your own device with ease and name it anything you want. I used the device builder to build my own device with which I can pretend as if am  updating my Facebook status "via"

So, how do I go about it?

Just go to and register.

Once registered, you can login and choose from the available funny devices to update your Facebook status or create your own custom device.

How to update facebook status via Blackberry? 

Login  and go to

Click on the "Update via Blackberry" button/link.  A window should pop-up, in which you can write your update and post to Facebook.

You can also scroll down to choose from the available devices.

View your wall and you should notice it.

That's all.

If you want to update via Nokia Phones, go to:

Go to to update via OgbongeBlog,

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If you have created your own devices , feel free to use the comment form to share them

Jide Ogunsanya


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Craig said…
very funny app. Will add more fun to Facebook. Imagige, posting ..via
Olusegun said…
Awesome post Mr Jide. You can all get your own personalized via "your name or anything" from HERE