Download LiveProfile and PING Blackberry, iPhone/iPad, Android users with your Unique LiveProfile PIN

If you have friends using Blackberry, iPhone/iPad or Android phones, you can now stay connected and share in real time with them, with the help of LiveProfile Messenger. LiveProfile is a messenger for BlackBerry, iPhones/iPads and Android, which makes it easy to "ping" friends with your unique LiveProfile PIN. 

It is Free to use and utilizes your existing data plan or wifi. It has support for push notifications, hence it notifies you about an incoming message. You can be updating your Facebook status and also be tweeting via the LiveProfile messenger.

If you are using an iPad and want to stay connected to a friend using a Blackberry phone, all you just need to do is to add each other to your LiveProfile messenger using your Unique PINS and you will be able to start chatting and sharing in real time asap. You will get your LiveProfile PIN once you successfully sign up for your LiveProfile account. 

LiveProfile includes these great features:
  • Beautiful and easy to use interface
  • Address book friend scan and invite
  • Photo and Video sharing
  • Emoticons
  • Push notifications (no battery usage)
  • Unique PINs
  • Support for all major smart phones
  • And more!

You can add me too. My PIN is: LPZNUNHD

If LiveProfile is not running smoothly on your device, kindly check out the LiveProfile FAQ's page 



  1. U promised to write on how u tweak this ur blog to look like this. am still expecting the post

  2. Thanks,it easy to download here.


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