Globacom Internet Plans for iPad

You can browse the internet , download apps, musics from App store, iTunes and chat with friends on your iPad at affordable rates. You can browse 24 hours on your iPad for as low as N100 which gives you 10MB. This plan is called "Instant Surf". To activate this plan, text 51 to 127 or just dial *127*51#

Other plans include "One Week" , "Always Micro" and "Always Macro". Below are the plans with their respective activation codes:

Plan NameService RentalData CapValidity Period
SMS to 127
Target Device
Instant SurfN10010MB24 hours*127*51#51Handset
One WeekN40050MB7 days*127*52#52Handset
Always MicroN1000200MB30 days*127*53#53Handset
Always MacroN30001GB30 days*127*54#54Handset/tablet

You can text "menu" to 127 to get more details about the above plans or check

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In my future posts, I will share with you how to load recharge vouchers directly on your iPad via Globacom Magic Plus, How to subscribe to Globacom internet plans directly from the iPad etc.

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Patrick said…
Thanks for this but which of these plans will you recommend? I mean the one that will last very well
Jide Ogunsanya said…
It all depends on how often you use the iPad to connect to the internet and what you do online. You can start with the N1000 plan and see how far it can take you.
Anonymous said…
Mr Jide nice one but does this applies to iPhones too?