How I fixed Google Chrome crash problem encountered when accessing Facebook

I used to love Google Chrome than other web browsers but lately, I realized that Chrome crashes a lot whenever I access Facebook. I decided to search for a solution and I found one.

While combing the web for solutions to the problem, I saw different comments on different forums relating the problem to the Shockwave flash plugin. In one of the comments, I came to realize that having two shockwave flash plugins installed to Chrome might be causing the crashes. Luckily for me, I came across an article that explained how to disable the extra  flash plugin in Google Chrome.

I checked my Chrome plugins and found two flash plugins. I uninstalled the older one, restarted my laptop and I am now loving my Chrome the more... smiles**

To check your plugins, head over to "about:plugins" and look through the list - you should notice two Shockwave flash plugins. Take note of the versions and just disable the older one. Restart your PC and your Chrome shouldn't be crashing again whenever you access Facebook with it.

Always make sure you download the latest Shockwave flash plugin too.

If your chrome is still crashing, I recommend you read Google's article on known issues with Google Chrome.

I hope this helps..

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