How to add Jobberman Latest Jobs gadget to Blogger/Blogspot Blogs is the most intuitive job portal providing up-to-the-minute job opportunities around Nigeria, publishing career advice on what's important and central to career success and offering personalised HR solutions to individuals and institutions.'s audience and users include first time job seekers, experienced candidates, brands and corporations, and recruiting agencies.

If you blog in the "Jobs" niche and interested in making latest jobs posted to JobberMan to automatically  be appearing on your blogger blog, you can easily get it done. All you need is one of the JobberMan's RSS Feeds.


Login to your Blogger account, click on "Design" and then, "Page Elements"

On the sidebar , click on the "Add  a Gadget" link

From the list of gadgets that will pop-up, you will see the "FEED" gadget as indicated in the picture below.

Click on it and you should see a "Feed URL box". Inside the box, copy any of the Jobberman RSS feeds into it and click "Continue".

( I prefer the "feed for all job categories". The url of the feed is: )

After clicking "continue", you will see the configuration page. You can give it any title you want e.g Latest Jobs. Feel free to play with other options and once you are through, click SAVE.

View your blog and you should see the latest jobs on your blog's sidebar.

You can use this trick to be displaying OgbongeBlog's latest posts on your blog too. OgbongeBlog's feed url is:



  1. Hi, Jide, if I add this gadget on my blog who's nich is Education. Is it a nice move or will it destroy my blog keyword.

  2. it wont destroy anything bro but will be better if added to blog related to Jobs

  3. jobberman rss feed has been suspended take note


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