How to add SUBSCRIBE BUTTON to your Facebook profile

If you add the new Facebook "Subscribe" button to your Facebook Profile, anyone can now get your Facebook updates even if they are not your friends. If you see the "Subscribe" button on someone's profile and you click it, to subscribe to the person's updates, you will be seeing the person's public updates in your News Feed even if you are not friends.

Lately, it has been hard for me to get connected to more people willing to be my friend on Facebook considering the fact that I have reached the 5000 friends limit. Now that Facebook has introduced the Subscribe button, anyone willing to connect with me can still be receiving my public updates even without been my friend. Sincerely, I am loving Facebook the more, for this.

I now allow subscribers on my Facebook profile and you can see it here. Allowing Subscribers on your profile is a simple way to broaden your conversation on Facebook while reserving personal updates for people you know very well.

You will not see the subscribe button on all profiles because it is only people that allows subscribers will have the subscribe button on their profiles. If you allow subscribers, they will only see things you share publicly. They can also choose how many and what type of public updates they get.

You will see the "Subscribeed" button on your friends profile because you have always subscribed to their updates, though you can click on the "subscribed" button to  choose which of their updates you get.

After you allow subscribers, a subscribe button will show on your profile. Your public updates will appear in the subscribers News feeds once they click the subscribe button.

So, How do I add Subscribe Button to my Facebook Profile?

If you want to allow subscribers, go to and click the "allow..." link.

Once you allow subscribers, you must ensure you control who sees each update you post to Facebook, provided you care about your Privacy. I will shed more light on this in one of my future posts. 

I hope this helps...

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In my future posts, I will share with how to control the privacy of things you share on Facebook, the differences between allowing subscribers and using a Page amongst other Facebook tricks.

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