How To Change Blogger's Mobile Template

Right from your Blogger dashboard, you can now change the template of your blogger's default mobile template to your desired template. I have changed mine from the default to one of variants of the "Simple" Template. You can change your mobile template either via the old Blogger interface or the updated blogger interface.

To change your mobile template, login to your Blogger account,  click on  "Template" from the left menu of your Blogger dashboard. Then, click on the settings icon below the mobile template as seen in the picture below:

Thereafter, you should see something similar to the picture below:

Right there, you can change your template as indicated with the arrows in the picture above.

You can preview it with the "Preview" button  and once you are satisfied, you can click on SAVE.

To view your mobile version of your blog, add " ?m=1 " to the end of your blog url e.g mine is:

If you want Google ads to be displaying on this mobile templates, read: How to add Adsense To Blogger Mobile Templates. Alternatively, you can use Mobstac for integrating Google Adsense into your Mobstac-powered mobile blog.

If you are not seeing the pictures above, kindly go to my blog, to read the original article.

I hope this helps..



  1. Johnson9/24/2011

    Google is really making the mobile template better. I love Google

  2. How do i add addynamo add to mobile template


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