GloHSIPortal : Subscribe, check your Glo data balance & history via a browser

GloHSIPortal is an online Globacom Nigeria's portal, where Globacom data subscribers can easily subscribe to data plans, check data history, generate invoice and view all Globacom data plans.You can also cancel "auto renewal" from the portal.

Though, you can check your data balance via a text message by texting "info" to 127 but you cannot track your data history via a text message. You can easily access the portal, via your Internet browser.

Go to:  to access the GloHSIPortal now.  Access it with your Globacom SIM card.

If you want to subscribe to Globacom data plan, just click on the "view all data plans" link and choose the plan you want. You must have sufficient balance on your SIM card before you can buy a data plan.

Feel Free to access other links on the portal.

If you are an iPad user, this portal makes it easy to track your Globacom data balance.

I hope this helps..



  1. Anonymous3/04/2015


  2. Anonymous6/04/2015

    *127"0# to check data balance

  3. How do I check my data balance on my ipad

    1. go to on your iPad Safari browser

  4. Am sharing my data to about 3 people, how can i know who uses more data?

  5. Manuchim Maclaw9/23/2015

    I love our new Nigerians, please keep it up bro....
    Happy with your success.

  6. Anonymous3/26/2016

    Good morning. Please I have been having a problem with cancelling the auto renewal of an android data plan I mistakenly did(i use A BlackBerry Q5)I called the customer care and was told to send cancel to 127 which was unsuccessful after so many times(short message transfer error). So I called back and was instructed to call 444 which I did and the agent there told me to come to this I am now with no solution in sight! I can't see anything concerning the cancellation and it's frustrating. Please can you be of help?

    1. You can't cancel BIS auto renewal on an android device. You can only cancel BIS auto renewal on a blackberry device.

  7. How can i check my data balance modem online ...I tried the link u post but not found . HERE IS THE LINK I TRY : . Please reply back and give the correct link .

  8. Please how can I cancel auto-renew on ma sim? I've sent cancel to 127 in capital letters but it doesn't work, I've tried everything else and failed! Please help!


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