How to link AdSense account to Google Analytics

You'll find plenty of detailed information about your ads and your site if you link your Google Adsense account to your Google Analytics account. By integrating AdSense with Analytics, you can improve your ad performance and your users' experience.

  • Optimize content by identifying which traffic sources, geographies, pages, and browsers bring the best and worst monetizing users to your site.
  • Improve user experience by seeing which pages your users spend time on, which pages drive them away, and where they're going when they leave.
  • Grow revenue by implementing changes based on user behavior and potential earnings. 
So, How Do I Link My Adsense account to Analytics?

To start receiving data from AdSense within your Google Analytics account, you must first choose an Analytics account to link AdSense to, and then make sure that both AdSense and Google Analytics code are on your webpages.*

To start linking accounts, look in your AdSense account for the link inviting you to integrate your accounts. This link appears on both the Overview and Advanced Reports pages. (If you don't see the link, please keep in mind that Google is rolling out this feature gradually, and that you'll see the link only when Google has activated it in your account.)

When you click the link, you'll be asked to create a new Analytics account, or indicate an existing Analytics account to link to.  Please note that to link to an existing Analytics account, your AdSense login must be an Administrator on that Analytics account. In other words, your AdSense login must work for your Analytics account as well before you can link to it.

Thats's all.

To learn more about linking your AdSense account to a new or existing Analytics account, watch Google's linking video.

*Please allow at least 24 hours for the data to populate in your reports. If you're having trouble linking your accounts, read I'm having trouble linking my AdSense account to Google Analytics