How to Play Words For Friends Game on Facebook

"Words For Friends" is just like the popular Scrabble game. If you do not know what Scrabble game looks like, just take a close look at the picture below.

You can play this game on your iPhone, iPad and Android phone. If you do not have any of these devices, you can still play the game with your Facebook friends, right on Facebook.

You’ll be able to play anyone you’ve ever “friended,” so you’ll never run out of new friends to challenge. The Facebook version has everything you’ve come to love about the mobile one — the same word building, double & triple score seeking and chat bubble sending goodness — but on the big screen. Plus, you can play on your laptop and then pick up later on your phone. You now have no excuses for taking too long to make a move!

How To Get Started

On a laptop/desktop? Click here to play Words With Friends on Facebook!

Note: you first login, you’ll have to authorize some permissions. Then you can start playing the game.

That's all

Feel free to invite and challenge me. My Facebook url is:



  1. Jackson10/19/2011

    Thanks for sharing this. I have installed it to my iPad and its fun


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