How To Set FeedBurner To Display POST Titles To Email Subscribers Instead of Blog Title

If you are a blogger and you are using FeedBurner to feed your subscribers, you might have noticed that when when your email subscribers receive your latest post, they only see your Blog title and not your Post titles. This makes some subscribers to be thinking you keep sending them the same post, without knowing that the email messages use to contain different content, though same title. This might bore them and might even force some to unsubscribe to your feed.

If you are not sure if your subscribers are experiencing such, just subscribe to your blog with your email address and wait till the next time you publish a post to your blog. By then, you should be able to see if it displays your blog title or your post title.

With some tweaks in your Feedburner account, you can set the email been received by your subscribers to be displaying the POST titles instead of your blog title.

How To Get Started

1) Sign in to Feedburner
2) Click on the feed you want to configure ( if you have more than one feed in your account)
3) Click Publicize on the navigation bar.
4) Click Email Subscription link on the sidebar.
5) Under Email subscription, click Email Branding
6) In the first box, Copy and paste this code =>  ${latestItemTitle}
7) Tick the  "Change Subject when an email has 2 or more items" box
8) In the box below it, enter =>   ${latestItemTitle} plus ${m} more

If you follow the steps carefully, your post title should be displayed in the next post your feedburner subscribers will receive.


'${latestItemTitle}' will display your Post Title

'${latestItemTitle} & ${m} more' will be useful if you have published more than one post on a single day.

You can even rebrand it more like mine, using :  ${latestItemTitle} - OgbongeBlog as seen in the picture below:

Just replace ogbongeblog with your blog title.

I hope this helps...

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Jide Ogunsanya said…
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harzeeyz said…
The problem with mine is that it sends †ђξ whole content to my subscribers. What can i do?