How to use 2go to chat with Facebook Friends

2go chat application also allow users to connect their 2go application to Facebook so they can chat with their Facebook friends.  if you do not know what 2go application is, well, it is mobile messenger that allows you to communicate for free with your friends. It is a network of millions of people where you can setup your profile, meet new people, talk to friends, share files and pictures!

How To Download 2go
From your phone browser, go to or  Fill in your registration details appropriately.

How To Add Facebook friends

After installing the software on your phone, go to "settings" , then , "gateways". Click on "Facebook" Enter your facebook username and password login details. That's all. When ever your Facebook friends come online, you will be notified and you can start chatting with them.

NOTE: Your Facebook Username is different from the email address you use in logging in to Facebook. If you enter the email you use in logging in to Facebook and the password, 2go will not be able to connect to your facebook account.

Go to to get your Facebook username. Once you get it from there, that it what you will enter in your 2go chat application as your Facebook username. Enter the password you use in logging in to Facebook in the password field and you will be good to go.

If your short Facebook Profile address is after getting your Facebook Username, the "somebody" is what you must enter into the 2go chat application as your username, NOT

I hope this helps....

You can add me on 2go and chat with me. Username = ogbongeblog

For more download instructions for 2go, visit:

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  1. i guess i did that but its now telling me 'the facebook details you entered is can i make it work,because it is telling me to go to facebook so that i can add.

    1. I guess you entered the the full url of your profile instead of just your username. If your username is abc, just enter "abc" and not

  2. Anonymous1/25/2012

    I've been trying 2 connect my fb to 2go but it not sucessful,i have a username already

    1. If you try to connect 2go to facebook using a blackberry phone, it won't work. ɪ̣̝̇​ strongly recommend you use a nokia phone to connect 2go to facebook and then continue using 2go on blackberry

    2. I guess you have been entering the wrong username. if your profile link is Your username is abc and not

    3. Anonymous12/09/2012


    4. Anonymous12/30/2013

      i have been try toconet

  3. Anonymous5/26/2012

    i cnt connect my fb fnds to 2g0 pls help me out. my username is nwobi.chizzy but it kips saying wrng user name nd password

    1. If you use the username and your facebook password, it will work

  4. Anonymous9/01/2012

    Am finding it difficult to connect my fb frdz on 2go. Thy said my usersname n password is incorrect. Hw do i go abt it

  5. Anonymous9/12/2012

    my name is juliana. pls try to resolve dis fb nd 2go stuff cos i hv been tryin nd tryin yet it says d password nd d username is incorrect.nd also am nt usin bb or entry incorrct username pls try to help me out thx u are d best

  6. Otodo progress9/18/2012

    Please am finding diificult now i just lost my phone and my sim ..pls i wants to do all those stuffs.

  7. Anonymous10/06/2012

    I have been trying 2 log on my 2go but not responding. Can u tel me why pls

  8. Anonymous10/12/2012

    I have been trying 2 b always incorrect.i'm tired

  9. Anonymous11/24/2012

    I am 12, but lied of age, help

  10. Anonymous12/10/2012

    I've 2go account bt i open ad chart wit friends. Y

  11. Anonymous12/10/2012

    pls i can download on my fone any more pls help me.

  12. Anonymous12/29/2012

    i cant download 2go on my phone

  13. Anonymous1/12/2013

    How can I download 2go for window phones


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