2go Chat Rooms: How To Add Your Town or University as Chat Room

In order to make 2go chat more fun for users, the Team 2go as introduced "2go Places" to the 2go Rooms. Via 2go Places, you can chat with people from your City, your Local Government (LGA) or University.

If you want to view the States and Local Government already listed in 2go Rooms; log in to your 2go account, select "2go Rooms" and then select "2go Places". Instead of selecting "2go Places", you can also scroll down to select "Universities"

If your city or LGA is not in the list, you can suggest it to the 2go Team.

How To Suggest a 2go Chat Room

Visit wap.2go.co.za, select HELP, then Suggest a room. Fill out the form and click on Submit.

The rooms which are requested the most will be added to 2go Chat Rooms by the 2go Team.

That's all.

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