Airtel Club 10: How To Migrate,How To Add Members,Tariffs and Benefits

Airtel Club 10 Nigeria is a special package introduced by Airtel Nigeria for Nigerian Youth as well as the young-at-heart to create their own clubs of 10 members and communicate freely through voice, SMSs and data at very affordable rates. The package allows you to add 9 Airtel lines to yourself to form a club of 10 ( Airtel Club Ten).

Benefits of Airtel Club 10

·         Make calls to your members at 10k/ sec (After first minute of the day at 60k/sec.).
·         SMS your club members at N1/SMS
·         Make free midnight calls 12.30am and 4.30am daily to club members
·         Call other Airtel numbers at 20k/sec (After first minute of the day at 60k/sec.).
·         SMS other Airtel numbers at N3/SMS
·         Calls to other networks are only 30k/ sec (After first minute of the day at 60k/sec.).
·         SMS other Networks at N5/SMS
·         Calls to US, Canada, UK*, India and China at 20k/sec after your 1st minute at 60k/sec
·         Free 10MB data valid for 1 week after a recharge of N200 or more within one week.

Airtel Club 10 Codes

Simply dial the USSD below for the various requests;

·         To Register for Airtel Club Ten-------------------------USSD: *101#
·         To add member to Airtel Club 10 ----------------------USSD: *101*2*MSISDN#
·         To remove Airtel Club 10 number ---------------------USSD:  *101*3*MSISDN#
·         To view Airtel Club 10 members/numbers---- ---------USSD:  *101*5#
·         For help--------------------------USSD: *101*1# OR SMS ‘1010’ to 1010

Note:  MSISDN = Phone Number

I hope this info helps....

You can check out Airtel Club 10 info on Airtel Nigeria website.


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  1. Thanks for this helpful post. but airtel dey mad sometimes for their charges oo.

  2. Rate too much oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo reduce ur rAte some pls

  3. Anonymous1/10/2013

    Airtel wey nr well craze dem

  4. Airtel club 10 is rubbish, a lot of jobless teenagers.


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