Airtel Club 10: How To Migrate,How To Add Members,Tariffs and Benefits

Airtel Club 10 Nigeria is a special package introduced by Airtel Nigeria for Nigerian Youth as well as the young-at-heart to create their own clubs of 10 members and communicate freely through voice, SMSs and data at very affordable rates. The package allows you to add 9 Airtel lines to yourself to form a club of 10 ( Airtel Club Ten).

Benefits of Airtel Club 10

·         Make calls to your members at 10k/ sec (After first minute of the day at 60k/sec.).
·         SMS your club members at N1/SMS
·         Make free midnight calls 12.30am and 4.30am daily to club members
·         Call other Airtel numbers at 20k/sec (After first minute of the day at 60k/sec.).
·         SMS other Airtel numbers at N3/SMS
·         Calls to other networks are only 30k/ sec (After first minute of the day at 60k/sec.).
·         SMS other Networks at N5/SMS
·         Calls to US, Canada, UK*, India and China at 20k/sec after your 1st minute at 60k/sec
·         Free 10MB data valid for 1 week after a recharge of N200 or more within one week.

Airtel Club 10 Codes

Simply dial the USSD below for the various requests;

·         To Register for Airtel Club Ten-------------------------USSD: *101#
·         To add member to Airtel Club 10 ----------------------USSD: *101*2*MSISDN#
·         To remove Airtel Club 10 number ---------------------USSD:  *101*3*MSISDN#
·         To view Airtel Club 10 members/numbers---- ---------USSD:  *101*5#
·         For help--------------------------USSD: *101*1# OR SMS ‘1010’ to 1010

Note:  MSISDN = Phone Number

I hope this info helps....

You can check out Airtel Club 10 info on Airtel Nigeria website.



Jobs in Nigeria said…
Thanks for this helpful post. but airtel dey mad sometimes for their charges oo.
samsonben said…
Rate too much oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo reduce ur rAte some pls
Anonymous said…
Airtel wey nr well craze dem
Serg said…
Airtel club 10 is rubbish, a lot of jobless teenagers.