Download Fancy Characters FREE for BlackBerry : Insert Fancy Characters, Smileys, Flags into BB Chats etc

If you own a Blackberry device, you can make your friends surprised by putting fancy characters in EMAIL, SMS*, IM and PIN messages and status with the help of a BlackBerry application called "Fancy Characters". It is a BlackBerry® application that allows you to insert fancy unicode characters, coloured smileys, flags anywhere on your handset. And unlocks hidden BlackBerry® Messenger 5 icons!

You can download the app to your BB free of charge, though it is not totally free as you will have to pay for activation for unlimited use.

How To Use Fancy Character

The process is pretty simple. When you want to insert a character into your SMS, Chat, Email etc, click the Menu button and you’ll see the "insert a Fancy Character" option. Select that and you’ll be able to browse through the Fancy Character library, which contains symbols of all types.

Note: You’ll need BBM or better in order to see colored smileys.

How To Download Fancy Characters App

Use your Blackberry browser to visit : and follow the download link.

In my future posts, I will share with you how you can copy some of the characters from the Fancy Characters app and use them as AutoTexts.  Just make sure you subscribe to this blog, for you not to miss the tutorial.

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