Experience Microsoft Windows Phone 7 on Android//iOS Devices and Safari Desktop Browser

While reading through the pages of Engadget.com, I stumbled on a post about Microsoft enabling Android and iOS users to experience Windows Phone 7 on the web and I decided to share with you. It is just a demo to see how to connect and share using Windows Phone 7. You will only be able to view the demo on an Android or iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

I gave it a test run on my iPad and the demo worked perfectly though I don't really like the UI (User interface). Viewing the demo makes the web page looks like a Windows Phone emulator.

How To View Windows Phone Demo on Android or iOS device

Go to www.bit.ly/demowp7 using your Android or iOS browser

Once inside the demo, tap any tile to begin and follow the blue dot.

Make sure you flip the demo vertically.

How To View Windows Phone Demo on a Desktop Browser.

The demo is not supported on a desktop browser but I viewed it on my Safari desktop browser by setting "Safari Mobile' as UserAgent in the Developer Tools pane.

To set "Safari Mobile" as User agent, launch your Safari Browser, go to Safari preferences, click Advanced, then select "Show Develop menu in menu bar" as shown in the picture below:

Selecting the option adds a Develop menu to your menu bar. From the menu bar, click on the "Developer" tab, select "User agent" and then select any of the Safari for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch options.

Right inside the address bar, enter www.bit.ly/demowp7

You should see the demo if you followed the steps above carefully.

Remember, if you open the demo link above in a browser not supported by the demo, you will see a "NOT SUPPORTED" page.