Google Trader Nigeria : Buy and Sell Products and Services

If you are looking for a website where you can buy and sell products and services, as well as search for jobs or just about anything else, then you need to check out Google Trader. if you are familiar with Craiglist.com , Google Trader Nigeria is very similar to it, though targeted at Nigerians.

Google Trader is an initiative which puts a trader on the World Wide Web thereby enabling consumers to have a contact with the trader as he/she must have requested on his or her website.

Google Trader Marketplace helps buyers and sellers find each other. People can search, "sell" or "buy" any type of product or service, from used cars and mobile phones to food items, livestock and jobs. Even a coconut seller can use it to advertise his or her business....lol

Google Trader is free, easy to use, and locally relevant. Having a web version and a mobile web version  means that Trader is accessible to everyone, no matter where you are.

You can use your phone or computer to browse the growing collection of cars, real estate, jobs, phones or just about anything else at Google Trader.

To start using Google Trader (Nigeria), visit the service online at: http://www.google.com.ng/africa/trader

In my future articles, I will be sharing with you how to post, edit or change your listing and other tips related to Google Trader. Subscribe to this blog if you do not want to miss the tips.

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  1. Anonymous1/08/2013

    www.NeedsHub.com.ng does much more for Buy/Sell in Nigeria

  2. 58B04617 my name is Travis


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