How To Add Google Search Box To Mobstac Mobile Blogs

Adding a custom Google search box to your mobile site powered by Mobstac, helps your readers find exactly the content they’re looking for, which is all the more crucial in a mobile site because people are usually in a hurry and in need of specific information.

I have the Google search box at  You will see it far down the site. Try and enter "make money" into it and you will see loads of posts that will come up.

If you want to add Google Search box to your mobstac powered mobile version of your blog, follow the steps below:

Login to

On the Dashboard, click on Settings

Scroll down till you see the : " " box

Enter your Search box Unique ID into the box and Save.

Dont know your google Search Unique ID?

Go to and Log in

If you have already added Google search box to your blog, make sure you log in to the link above with the same log in details you use for your blog.

Click on the "manage your existing search engines" if you already have the Google Search box on your blog

Click on the "control panel" link beside your Search box name

A new page will open showing you an ID in a bold text. That is your search box unique ID.

The unique ID looks like: partner-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

That's all

If you do not have the Google Search box on your blog, you will have to create a new one for your blog at by clicking on the "Create a Custom Search Engine".

After creating it, get the UID as explained above.



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