How To Capture Screenshot on PC

As a blogger, there are some instances you might need a screenshot to explain some certain things to your blog followers. Even if you are not a blogger, someone very far from you ( e.g an online friend)  may ask for a screenshot in order to help you resolve an issue you're having with your computer, web page etc. 

To capture a screenshot, please follow the steps below.

1. When viewing the screen you want to capture, press the PrtScrn or Print Screen key, usually located in the upper right of your keyboard.
2. Open Microsoft Paint by accessing the Start menu ==> Programs ==> Accessories, and finally choosing Paint.
3. Once you've opened Paint, choose 'Edit' from the top menu and click 'Paste'.
4. Now that your screenshot appears in the Paint program, choose 'File' from the top menu and click 'Save as'.
5. From the drop-down at the top of the 'Save as' menu, choose to save the file on your Desktop.
6. Name your file e.g 'ogbongeblog.jpg', choose 'JPEG' as the format from the 'Save as type' drop-down list, then click Save.

That's all.

You can then use the captured screenshot in your blog post or for whatever you want to use it for.

I hope this helps...



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