How To Get 2go Password

Have you forgotten your 2go password and need to retrieve it so you can login to your 2go chat account? Well, you can get it in a matter of seconds. So, cool down.

To get your 2go password, all you need to do is simply text '2go password ' to 32120

Note:  Make sure that the text message is sent from the SIM CARD that you used when you registered for  2go.

Each Text to 32120 costs #30 for Nigeria, other countries rate can be found at . 



Prince said…
what a busines idea 2go comunity has made 4 dmself. I knw they are praying dt 2go users shld 4get dier paswrd so they cn get deir N30.

Nice post bosss.
Hero4boon said…
Have send 2go password to 32120 bt they don't reply me an dy av remove 30 naria. What should i do
Anonymous said…
I sent an sms last month for my password and they still havnt replied
Anonymous said…
I am in the USA and I have download the 2go app on my samsung galaxy s3 but it's never let me sign up, so now I don't have a user name or password. Wat do I do? ?