How To Stop Notifications of Facebook CLOSE FRIENDS

Sometimes ago, I explained how you can use the Facebook "Smart Lists and Close Friends" to organize your friends on Facebook so you can filter the stories you see in News Feed or post an update for specific people.

These Facebook lists have been useful but it's frustrating receiving notifications of Close Friends even when you did not comment or Like their Status Updates.

When you add one of your friends to your Close Friends list, you’ll automatically receive notifications about what that friend posts on Facebook. You can edit your notification preferences or turn off these extra notifications.

How To Get Started

Login to your Facebook account ( via a computer )
From your News Feed/Home Page, find your Lists in the left-column
Click on the Close Friends list
Click on the Notifications dropdown at the top-right corner
Click on "OFF" as seen in the picture below:

That's all.

I hope this helps....

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Miyuru said…
really helpful.