How To Cash Clickbank Checks in Nigeria

If you use Clickbank to promote digital products in return for affiliate or reseller commissions, well you can cash or claim your Clickbank checks in Nigeria. Clickbank accepts Nigerians but you cannot use Nigeria address to open Clickbank account. You can check out "How to Open Clickbank account in Nigeria With and Without Graphcard" if you are wondering how you can open Clickbank account in Nigeria without using Nigeria Address.

If you opened your Clickbank account using Graphcard, you can easily cash your clickbank cheque also by using Graphcard. For this to be possible, you must have used LFR COMMUNICATIONS INC as the Payee Name while opening your Clickbank account has explained in the post where I shared how to Open Clickbank account in Nigeria.

If you use LFR COMMUNICATIONS INC as the Payee Name, Clickbank will send your cheque to the virtual address issued to you by Graphcard ( LFR COMMUNICATIONS INC) and it is this virtual address that will enable Graphcard know that the cheque belongs to you.

Once Graphcard receives your cheque, it will be cleared for you and the funds willl be credited to your Graphcard account.

So, How Do I Withdraw Money From Graphcard Account

Log in to your graphcard account, and click on “Withdraw Funds”. Choose the option that best suits your need, follow the rest of the instructions to get your money.

From your graphcard account, you can request fund to be paid back into your VTN account which you can easily cash in your local bank account. You can also request for a bank wire if you have a domiciliary account or request for a western union money transfer to be collected at any designated bank.

That's all.

I hope this helps...

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this post!

  2. Anonymous1/17/2012

    Thanks for this write up. However, I heard or rather, I read in one of the blogs here in Nigeria that no matter how much you've earned in your graphcard account you cannot withdraw more than $400 a year to Nigeria. What's your reaction to this?

    1. I am yet to confirm this, so can't really say much about it for now. Might just be a way of preventing money laundering.

  3. It seems a lot of bloggers are talking about this but has anyone really done so before? Graphcard as I know has a single address and they don't give different addresses for users so if they receive a check from clickbank, how will they identify which once belongs to you in order to credit you?

    Some other blogger made mention of also using a us forwarding address but the problem with that one is that your payee address is still a us or uk address so will any Nigerian bank clear that check when it finally gets to you since it doesn't bear a Nigerian address?

    1. Yes, Graphcard address is the same BUT with a unique suite number for each user. So, it is the unique suite number which makes your US address different from that of another person using Graphcard address.

  4. Anonymous8/06/2012

    @Jide,Is Graphcard is working for collecting clickbank affiliate check?

    1. as at today, I can't guarantee if it is still working or not.


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