Recharge Card Printing: How To Insert Your Business Name On Recharge Vouchers

You can watch the video tutorial on how to print recharge vouchers at :


The recharge card printing business in Nigeria is still accessible to everyone. Ordinary people like you can still participate in the business easily without any fear of having license to involve in the business it or not. The major dealers have their license obtained from the telecommunication companies, while individuals like you get the right to printing vouchers, just by registering under one of the authentic major dealers and indicating your interest in buying recharge PINS from them.

If you do not know the authentic dealers where you can buy recharge PINS from, I have a N1,000 Dealers Info Package. if you pay for it, you will get the contact info of Dealers where you can be buying your recharge PINS from.

If you use to buy the N100 recharge vouchers, you would have been seeing different business names on those vouchers. In this post, I am sharing with you how to insert your business name on recharge vouchers, if you print the vouchers by yourself.

Before you can print your business name on recharge vouchers, you must have the right software that will enable you to do that. Well, most softwares been sold by the major dealers out there can do it. Most Dealers will charge you between N5,000 - N10, 000 before they can install such software on your PC but you can get it from me at a cheaper price, delivered to you via your email inbox.

How To Get Started

Launch your recharge card printing software and log in.

Click on File ==> Set Up  ==> "Company Name & Address" as seen in the picture below:

A new window will come up where you can enter your Business Name and Address as seen in the picture below:

Enter your Business Name and Address, then click OK.

If you load your Pins and print out the vouchers, you will see the business name and address on the vouchers.

That's all.

If you do not want your business name and address to show on the vouchers, just leave the fields blank.

If you need the latest Universal Software , get it at: