Import Blog Posts To Facebook Notes for Free Traffic

Via the "Import Settings" of the Facebook Notes, you can import posts from your blog so they appear along with your notes on Facebook. Facebook will automatically update your notes whenever you publish to your blog though, imported blog posts cannot be edited.

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11 Small Profitable Businesses you can start in 2011 WITHOUT Electricity

While browsing through the pages of the SuccessDigest Magazine ( a leading Multiple streams of Income Newspaper in Nigeria), I stumbled upon an article titled “20 businesses You Can Do right Now Without Power Generator”  and I have decided to share it with you. Kudos to Damilola Ibironke for coming up with such a piece of information.

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How To Make Money from VTN Affiliate Program In Nigeria

If you are looking for a Nigerian Affiliate program that pays in Naira without disturbing you for a paypal or clickbank account, then, you can try the VTN ( Virtual Terminal Network) Affiliate program. I have been payed some commission since I joined the program, though not the kind of money that can get you rich overnight. If you are looking for a get rich quick formula, please, I no dey..

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How To Browse On BlackBerry With Globacom ( N400/day available)

Update: Check out the new Glo Mobile Blackberry Internet plans here.

If you have a Blackberry device and you wish to browse the Internet with it, then you will have to subscribe for the BlackBerry Internet service via an Internet service provider (ISP). All the ISP has their own different Blackberry Internet plans. Today, I am sharing with you, how you can get connected to the Internet via Globacom Blackbery Internet Service.

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How To Activate Blackberry(BB) Internet on MTN (Weekly/Monthly)

UPDATE: MTN Nigeria has introduced new Blackberry packages tagged BlackBerry Complete and BlackBerry UnlimitedClick here for the updated info on how to activate MTN BIS.

If you have a Blackberry device and you wish to browse the Internet with it via MTN, then you will have to subscribe for the BlackBerry Internet service using your MTN SIM card.As at the time of publishing this post, MTN Nigeria offers Weekly and Monthly plans for BB users.

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Send Money To Bank Accounts Without going to the Bank via Imobile

Gone are the days I use to go to the bank, wait for hours before I could even send just N1000 to another bank account in Nigeria, thanks to imobile powered by eTranzact mCommerce solution. With imobile, you can conduct banking transactions via your GPRS-enabled phone.

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Unlock 3G Huawei Modem of MTN Fastlink To Make it Works With Any Network

ALERT:  If you are interested in the Huawei Unlocking Softwares, check: http://www.ogbongeblog.com/2011/03/huawei-modem-unlocker-download-unlock.html
Are you using a 3G modem that has been locked and you will like to be using it with any other SIM
card of other networks? Well, you can easily unlock it and turn it to a Universal 3G Modem.

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How To Insert "LOVE SYMBOL" In Facebook Status Updates

Are you on facebook and you have been wondering how some of your friends do insert the LOVE SYMBOL in their facebook status updates? Well, its just a combination of some keystrokes....

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How To add Breadcrumb Navigation to Blogger/Blogspot

With a “breadcrumb-navigation”, readers of your blog can easily know the position of an article that’s being read and also can search the articles in the same category.

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List of Globacom Outlets In Nigeria, Buy Glo Modem for N5000

Globacom Nigeria has announced a reduction in the price of its 3G Internet modem from N8,500 to N5,000, making it the most affordable product of its kind in the market.

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Listen To Email, Text Messages On BB, Nokia phones while You Drive

DriveCarefully is a FREE application that automatically reads your email, text and PIN messages aloud while you drive.

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MTN Magic Number: How To Register, Cost etc

The only thing that makes sense to me right now with regards to the new MTN Nigeria charging plans is the "Magic number".

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10 Ways to Make Money In Nigeria In 2011

The clock is ticking towards 2011. As for me, I am fully ready for it, how about you? Just ask yourself. Whether you are ready for it or not, in this post, I am sharing with you, 10 ways you can make money in Nigeria, come 2011. There are of course more than 10, just bare with me

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Blackberry Price List At SLOT Nigeria

In one of my previous posts, I recommended SLOT SYSTEMS LIMITED as a good store where you can buy your phones in Nigeria especially if you are within or not too far from Lagos.

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Stopwatch: Measure a site/blog's loading time

Would you like to know how long it takes for your blog or website to load?

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Steps To Take After Unlocking Fastlink Modem, Glo Modem,Zain Modem,Etisalat Modem With IMEI Number

It is no more News that you can unlock your 3G Faslink Modem, Unlock Glo Modem, Unlock Zain Modem, Unlock Etisalat Modem and turn them to Universal Modems with which you can use any SIM card of any network of your choice. This is been possible with the help of Unlocking Softwares which require mainly the IMEI number of your Modem for them to calculate the unlocking code for you within a click of a button.

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MTN Free browsing on Nokia C3 Promo Facts

MTN Nigeria recently advertised Nokia C3 that has been bundled with MTN services. MTN Nigeria offered one month free internet browsing to encourage Nigerians to buy the phone. 

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How To Make Phone Calls With Glo 3G Internet Modem

If you have a Globacom 3G High Speed Internet Modem, you can call use it to call your loved ones with just a click of a button.

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Download Snaptu : Facebook, Twitter, Sudoku, News, Dictionary all On your Phone

Snaptu is a mobile application that allows you to connect to Facebook and Twitter, follow the news and more on the go... Instead of cramming your phone with lots of individual apps that eat battery, waste space and slow things down, guess what? You can have Snaptu -- a single efficient and incredibly powerful app that keeps your phone running full speed ahead.

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Download Ruggedman's a word is enuff for the 9ice mp3

This is just a short one to share the download link to Ruggedman's a word is enuff for the 9ice mp3 file.

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How To Activate Facebook Text Messages: Update FB With Text Messages From ANY Phone

With Facebook Text Messages, you can enjoy facebooking with ANY phone in as much as you can send and receive text messages with the phone.

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Find Nigerian Postal Codes/ PostCodes Online

Are you trying to complete an online registration process or apply for Google Adsense program but just don't know what to input as your postal code? Well, worry no more because you can now find your postal code online within a twinkle of an eye.

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How to remove Navigation Bar of Blogspot Blogs : Latest trick

Blogger's default templates come with a default navigation bar. Hence, If you are using a default blogger template,then you will see on your blog, a navigation bar like the one in the picture below.This navigation bar can be removed using some simple CSS techniques.

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Fastest way to change Facebook Profile Picture on Phones

In one of my previous posts, I shared how to change facebook profile picture going from one page to another. Well, I just discovered a faster way you can change your facebook profile picture.

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Blackberry Bold 2 (Bold 9700) : Price in Nigeria and Features

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 ( Bold 2)  is an excellent smartphone which features a few notable updates from its predecessor. Those updates include a better camera; the Bold 9700 will sport a 3.2-megapixel shooter, up from just 2 megapixels on the original Bold. The new phone also forgoes the traditional BlackBerry trackball in favor of the optical trackpad first seen on the BlackBerry Curve 8520.

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BBC Sport on mobile phone: Get Fixtures, Results etc On Your Phone

The BBC Sport website is available on your mobile phone.  You can easily follow the latest news, fixtures, transfer rumours of the English premier league right on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

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Google Webmasters: How To Add your blog/site to Google Search Listings

At "Google Webmaster Central", you can submit your blog or website to Google for listing in search results. You can get data about crawling, indexing and search traffic of your blog or website. More so, you will receive notifications about problems on your site.

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Google Adsense: How To Request Check Reissue

Google Adsense allows publishers to request reissue of their Adsense checks. This means you can request for your check to be reissued and Google will reissue it to you, all you just need to do is to fill an online form.

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How To Send BulkSMS/ CustomizeSMS

At  www.ogbongesms.com, you can send a text message to thousands of people with just a click of a button. More so, you can customize the text message with any sender id you want. Below is a simple illustration of how to send bulkSMS.

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New Globacom Blackberry bundles/rates: Browse with N250 on BB

Glo has reduced the rates for Blackberry Service by 42%.

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Faceboook shut down rumour: source and reactions

The rumor about the "March 15, 2011" Facebook shutdown is spreading like fire on the internet, while keeping many Facebook users guessing and worried.

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How to find PIN and IMEI number of a Blackberry Phone

If you are a Blackberry user, there are some instances when you will need the imei number and PIN of your BB. In this post, am sharing with you how you can easily find the PIN and the imei number.

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How To Get UK Number: Turn Your Phone Number To UK Number

With the power of technology, you can easily turn your phone number to a UK Number with some few clicks. You can get free UK telephone number which can be programmed to divert to any phone number. The Service is free and no charge for the numbers either.

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How To Configure FREE Domain Name For Blogger/Blogspot Blog

If you are a blogger and interested in using a free domain name for your blogger blog before you get the money to buy a custom domain, well you can get it done by following some simple steps.

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123ContactForm: Create web HTML forms, contact forms For Blog/website

The difficult and time consuming job of creating surveys, contact forms, polls, feedback forms, questionnaires and any type of web forms is long gone!  You can now use an online wizard to generate free HTML forms and contact forms in seconds for use on your blog or website.

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Nokia Ovi Suite Download: Connect Your Phone To PC/Laptop

If you are using one of the the latest Nokia phones, you can only connect your phone to a PC via  Nokia Ovi Suite as they are not supported by Nokia PC Suite. Nokia PC Suite will eventually be replaced by the newer, more user-friendly Nokia Ovi Suite application for both Windows and Mac.

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Googe Adsense: How To Apply via Blogspot/Blogger Blog

Lately, Google has not been approving many Google Adsense registrations especially if you do not have a meaningful blog or website you can submit during the registration process. As at the time of publishing this post, you can apply for the Google Adsense program with any website or your free blogger blog and get approved in as much as you abide by the rules.

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Job Vacancy For Bloggers/Writers

If you are a passionate blogger or a writer, you might be hired by the team at Celebrating Progress Africa. (CP-Africa) is seeking young, talented writers to contribute to its growing online platform.

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How to change Facebook Profile Name

If you want to change your Facebook profile name, for reasons best known to you, you can easily get it done by following some few steps.

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How To Add Feedjit Live Traffic Widget To Blogger: 2011 Update

A feedjit widget is a simple widget you can add to your blog or website, which shows,in real time, the visitors to your blog page. It is extremely useful in knowing where your blog traffic is coming from, right on your blog/web page.

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Make Money Displaying Ads in Mobile/Wap Sites

If you have a mobile/wap site, you can start making money with it by displaying ads in your wap site.  This simply means that if you own a wap/mobile site, you can start earning revenue by serving ads on your mobile/wap site.  ( Mippin feed validation KEY=5a4deead )

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Make Blogspot Blog Beautiful Using Template Designer: Turn to 3 Columns etc

With the Blogger's "Templates Designer", you can turn your blogspot blog to a stunning one with some few clicks. With this tutorial, you should be able to change your blog to something similar or better than  www.naijaipfreedom.blogspot.com

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Wizkid's Holla At Your Boy CallerTune Codes (MTN, Glo, Starcomms)

Yay! You can now download Wizkid's Holla At Your Boy as your caller tune if you use a Glo, MTN or Starcomms line. How? It's very simple....

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How To set up Facebook email address ( something@facebook.com )

Facebook has finally launched the "Facebook email address". Owning your @facebook.com address makes it easier for friends and family who are not on Facebook yet to connect with you, while also seeing everything you've ever discussed with each facebook friend as a single conversation.

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How To Create Facebook Profile Banners Online Free of Charge

While surfing the internet, I stumbled upon a website where you can create Facebook banners, which you can use to customize your new Facebook profile and make it look more lovely.

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Unlock ZTE Modems: Change to Universal Modem

You can now unlock your ZTE 3G modem and turn it to a universal modem with just an unlock code.

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