Buy Cheap Recharge PINs/Cards In Nigeria plus free Universal Software

Looking for a universal software which you can use to print recharge epins from any recharge cards dealer in Nigeria ? Well, I will give it to you free of charge if you buy epins from me, if not, you will have to pay for it.

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How to Create SMS Short Codes in Nigeria and Make Money

SMS marketing is now one of the most effective means by which you can spread your message to your target market with ease. This has led to many companies and agencies, using BulkSMS and "SMS short codes" for their promotions.

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How To Display Adsense On Mobile Templates of Blogger/Blogspot blogs

Recently, the Blogger's team announced the launch of new mobile templates for blogger/blogspot blogs to enable easy reading of blogger blogs on smartphones. Mobile templates will re-format your blogs for smartphones to enhance your readers’ viewing experience. These mobile templates simply supports mobile ads on two conditions. If you fail to abide by the two conditions, the mobile ads might not display on the mobile view of your blog.

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How To Add Follow by Email Gadget to Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

I am delighted to inform you that the Blogger's Team has introduced a new gadget called "Follow by Email". The Follow by Email gadget provides blog authors a simple way for their readers to subscribe to the latest hot-off-the-press updates, which are delivered directly to the reader’s inbox.

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Nigeria Presidential Debate Video( NN24 Debate): Part 1

If you missed the Live Presidential debate organized by NN24 on the 18th of February, 2011; well, you can watch it right here on this page, just click on the video below and enjoy. I hope after watching it, you will be able to rethink whom to vote for in the coming elections in Nigeria.

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1kjobsonline: Fiverr alternative for Nigerians ( Get N1000 for doing anything)

You can now start making money online by just doing anything for anyone for just N1, 000. This system am about to share with you works like fiverr.com, hence a fiverr.com alternative for Nigerians.

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Sahara Reporters : Get Breaking News, Latest News etc

Sahara Reporters is an outstanding, groundbreaking website that encourages citizen journalists to report ongoing corruption and government malfeasance in Africa. Using photos, text, and video dynamically, the site informs and prompts concerned African citizens and other human rights activists globally to act, denouncing officially-sanctioned corruption, the material impoverishment of its citizenry, defilement of the environment, and the callous disregard of the democratic principles enshrined in the constitution.

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Huawei Modem Unlocker Download: Unlock Fastlink, Unlock Huawei Modems

You can easily unlock 3G modems with the help of  an unlocking software. There are loads of such unlocking softwares online but you have to be very careful with the one you download and install to your pc because lately, some hackers are now molding virus all in the name of an unlocking software.

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WAEC Time-Table: May/June 2011 WAEC/WASSCE ExamTime-Table download

Below is the WASSCE/WAEC May/June 2011 Examination, time table.

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Submit Blogger/Blogspot sitemaps via Google Webmaster Tools: 2 Easy Methods

UPDATE: Please, the tutorial below is outdated. Kindly click here to learn the new way you can add Blogger sitemap to Google webmaster tools here.

If you blog on blogger/blogspot platform, you can now easily submit your Sitemaps using Google Webmaster tools. This enables Google to learn about the structure of your blog and to increase coverage of your blog pages for quick indexing in Google search results.

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Globacom New Glo Infinito, No Condition Plan: Special Numbers, Migration code, Tariff

UPDATE: Glo Infinito "Special" tariff has been replaced by Glo GBAM tariff. Hence, you can't migrate to the tariff anymore. More so, Glo-other networks is now 35k per sec, while glo-glo remains 25k/sec on the new Glo Infinito (social).

Globacom Nigeria leads the pack with the introduction of the NEW GLO INFINITO; a “No Conditions“ flat rate tariff plan for all prepaid customers in any state and anywhere in Nigeria

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How To Add Facebook Recommendation Button To Blogger Blog

The Facebook Like/Recommendation button lets a blog visitors to share your content with friends on Facebook. When the visitor clicks the Like/Recommendation button on your blog, a story appears in the user's Facebook friends' News Feed with a link back to your website.

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How to block Profile Counter Application on Facebook ( "Profile Creeps"/"Profile Peekers")

Is your Facebook wall been flooded with notifications that you have been tagged in a friend's album, telling you to click on a link so as to see who checks your facebook profile? Well, worry no more as am going to tell you how to put a stop to the mess.

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How To Make Money From BulkSMS Business in Nigeria With No Capital

 If you are looking for a REAL business to do online from home, even while keeping your normal day job, then you should try the BulkSMS business. I got myself involved in the business during my NYSC service year at Anambra state and till now, am very happy to be making money from the business.

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How To Stop Receiving Facebook EMAIL Notifications

The more friends you have on Facebook, the more the Facebook notifications you will be receiving in your email inbox. This might be frustrating atimes, hence, am going to show you a way to put a stop to it.

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How To Create Ebook Cover Online ( Free Ecover Generator )

If you want to be making real money online, just like I do, you should consider writing your own ebooks and offer them for sales on your blog,website, facebook, Twitter etc. If you are a newbie, there are free tools out there which you can use to create your ebook and ebook cover FREE of Charge.

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How To use Web4Africa free.com.ng domain name as Blogspot Custom domain

Since the day I published "How to use Web4africa free .co.ng domain name for Adsense for domain" , I keep receiving questions on how to use this free domain name as a custom domain for Blogger Blogs. Today, I have decided to explain how to make use of the domain name so you can change the address of your blogspot blog from .blogspot to .com.ng

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How To Cash Google Adsense Checks In Nigeria Banks

If you receive International checks from Google Adsense program, Affiliate programs etc, you can cash the International checks in Nigeria provided you are matured enough to operate a bank account.

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