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Three Job-Interview Fallacies You MUST NOT Believe

Posted on 10/31/2011


While trying to check my YahooMail, I stumbled on an article that highlights three Job-Interview myths which may prevent you from landing your dream job if you believe them. I didn't believe the fallacies when I went for the interviews that landed me my current dream job . Hence, I decided to share this with you so that you also can stop believing them.


BookBoon: Download free Textbooks + No registration + No catch

Posted on 10/30/2011


Olatunde Onakoya, a facebook friend of mine shared with me a site where you can download FREE ebooks WITHOUT any registration and I have decided to share it with you.


How to set FeedBurner to display POST Titles to Email subscribers instead of Blog Title

Posted on 10/29/2011


If you are a blogger and you are using FeedBurner to feed your subscribers, you might have noticed that when when your email subscribers receive your latest post, they only see your Blog title and not your Post titles. This makes some subscribers to be thinking you keep sending them the same post, without knowing that the email messages use to contain different content, though same title. This might bore them and might even force some to unsubscribe to your feed.


Fuel Subsidy Explained

Posted on 10/27/2011


Nigeria exports Crude Oil and imports Petrol. Of course, some Crude Oil is refined in Nigeria to produce Petrol. Therefore, we can say that the Petrol used by Nigerians comes from two sources:

  1. Locally refined
  2. Imports


How to add Google Ads to Blogger/Blogspot Blog

Posted on 10/26/2011


Blogger provides a simple way for you to make money with your blog. AdSense is Google's content-targeted advertising program. Google's servers determine what your posts are about and display the most relevant ads to your readers. So, if you blog about mobile devices, there might be ads for phones or tablets next to your post. If you blog about health tips, there might be ads for health-related products.


How to use 2go to chat with Facebook Friends

Posted on

2go chat application also allow users to connect their 2go application to Facebook so they can chat with their Facebook friends.  if you do not know what 2go application is, well, it is mobile messenger that allows you to communicate for free with your friends. It is a network of millions of people where you can setup your profile, meet new people, talk to friends, share files and pictures!


DHL Offices in Nigeria

Posted on

If you do not know where DHL offices are located in Nigeria, I will explain to you how you can easily locate them via the DHL website. Right from the DHL website, you will be able to get the updated  locations or addresses of DHL offices in Nigeria.


Visa Lottery: How to apply, avoid fraud and disqualification

Posted on

There are many ways to legally immigrate to the United States, but only one of them depends completely on luck: the congressionally mandated visa lottery, which offers 50,000 green cards to people from certain countries.



Posted on 10/25/2011


Chevron Nigeria Limited, in collaboration with its Joint Venture partner, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), is offering a number of University Scholarship Awards to suitably qualified Nigerian students.


How to add Google Plus Widget to Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

Posted on 10/24/2011


You can now show off the number of people in your Google-plus circles, with the help of the Google Plus Widget. The widget also allows you to show the visitors of your blog that you have a Google+ account. Therefore it's a great opportunity to get in touch with your visitors!


How to know if a Blogger template is compatible with Template Designer

Posted on 10/23/2011


Blogger's Template Designer, accessible via the "Design/Layout" tab when you log in to your Blogger's dashboard,  provide a far wider range of basic designs and far more options for choosing the number of columns, column width, background images, footer structure, colour scheme, etc.


Facebook Profile ID : How to get it

Posted on 10/22/2011


If you have installed the new Facebook comment form on your blog and interested in receiving Facebook notifications everytime someone comments on your blog via the Facebook comment form, you will need to add some codes to your blog html , which will require your "Facebook Profile ID". If you insert the wrong "Profile ID in the code, you will not be receiving the notifications.


Download Adobe Reader app for iPad and iPhone

Posted on

Adobe Reader app for iOS ( iPhone and iPad ) has finally been released. I now quickly and efficiently view pdf files on my iPad without having to reply only on " iBooks" and "CloudReader" apps.


Globacom FREE Browsing: How I legally configured it on my Phone, laptop and iPad

Posted on 10/21/2011


If you are are aware of the 15MB, Etisalat Nigeria gives to Easy Cliq subscribers weekly, on recharge of above N200, then you should know you can legally browse free in Nigeria. Well, Globacom Nigeria has been doing similar thing to Glo subscribers and that's what am using to browse free on my laptop, mobile phone and iPad.


Oliver Twist Dbanj's Dance Competition Videos: How to download them from YouTube

Posted on

While reading my favorite Nigerian entertainment blogs, I noticed that majority of them are reporting the winners of the "Oliver Dance competition" sponsored by MoHit Records. Without wasting time, I decided to head over to TalkofNaija to get the full gist.


Buy Samsung Galaxy Pro 5 Android Phone today and save N3000

Posted on 10/20/2011


While checking out DealDEY, I stumbled on the Samsung Galaxy Pro 5 Android phone and decided to share with you. If you are interested in getting an Android phone in Nigeria, then you can go for this. You will get it for N34, 000 instead of the normal N37,000 price, if you buy it TODAY.


How I Download YouTube Videos On Firefox and Chrome using Greasemonkey Userscript

Posted on 10/19/2011


I just discovered a Greasemonkey Userscript that downloads YouTube videos as MP4. This cross-browser script adds an option to download YouTube videos as MP4 and FLV files. The script is working perfectly on my Firefox 7 and Chrome Browser.


Introducing N950-Per-Day-System: GUARANTEED System To Help You Make Money Online

Posted on 10/18/2011


UPDATE: OFFER CLOSED. Hence, the links have been removed.

Today, I am introducing to you,  a mathematically Fail-Proof and Proven Legal Digital Business System that you can be using to pluck money from not 1, not 2, but THREE money trees online every day . This new system is called "N950-Per-Day-System".


How to Play Words For Friends Game on Facebook

Posted on

"Words For Friends" is just like the popular Scrabble game. If you do not know what Scrabble game looks like, just take a close look at the picture below.


GloHSIPortal : Subscribe, check your Glo data balance & history via a browser

Posted on 10/17/2011


GloHSIPortal is an online Globacom Nigeria's portal, where Globacom data subscribers can easily subscribe to data plans, check data history, generate invoice and view all Globacom data plans.You can also cancel "auto renewal" from the portal.


SGPlus browser plugin: AutoPost to Facebook, Twitter , Linkedln from GooglePlus

Posted on 10/16/2011


You can now have your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts all integrated in one place. This is possible with the help of a browser extension called SGPlus which I discovered via EasyWebInfo.


How to enable Multitasking Gestures on iPad with iOS 5 ( Video Tutorial)

Posted on 10/15/2011


New multitasking gestures have been introduced to the iPad. These include ability to: 
------ Use four or five fingers to pinch to the Home Screen
------ Swipe up to reveal the multitasking bar
------ Swipe left or right to switch between apps 


NYSC mobilization Time Table for Batch C (2011 )

Posted on 10/14/2011


Below, is the National Youth Service Corps ( NYSC) mobilization time-table for BATCH C (2011).


How I Transferred My Hosting Account from Web4Africa to Hostgator

Posted on 10/13/2011


This is a guest post by Adesoji Adegbulu, who teaches people how to make real money online legitmately on Make Money Online Nigeria.

Hostgator is no doubt the best hosting service anyone that use. Not only that their prices are considerate, they also have great support service. I have been getting so many complains from my blog visitors about how my blog takes time to load amongst other things. In addition to that, Google consider site speed very much in ranking blogs. In order to solve this two problems with one approach, I was advised by some of my friends who uses hostgator.


iOS 5 : Features,how to Install iOS 5 and Video Introduction

Posted on

If you have an older iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, iPad , iPad 2 or the third-or fourth-generation iPod Touch, you can upgrade it to Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 5, released yesterday.  I have upgraded my iPad to the the new iOS and am really enjoying the new features.


Nairaland Essay Contest: Win N60, 000 Cash prize

Posted on

This might be coming late, but I am delighted to inform you that Seun Osewa, the owner of, is willing to compensate you with prize money of N60, 000 if you can come up with the best essay that can explain how you can set up a business with just 1 million naira, and make it grow to a predominant position in Nigeria with no additional funding.


AimTech: Reliable Webhost Company in Nigeria

Posted on 10/12/2011


If you are looking for a company reliable enough to host your website in Nigeria, you have just found Aimtech Hosting Company. Aimtech Nigeria is a registered Nigerian web hosting company with world class web hosting and domain registration services since 2007 with over 500 happy customers. 


Download Official Facebook app for iPad FREE

Posted on

Official Facebook app for iPad has been finally released by Facebook. With the Facebook for iPad app, you get the full Facebook experience, right at your fingertips. It's a fun way to keep up with friends, share photos, chat and more.


How to delete MyBlogLog code to increase blog loading speed

Posted on 10/11/2011


It has been reported across many blogs that having the "Mybloglog" code in your html, might be slowing down the loading time of your blog. This is quite connected to the fact that the service has been terminated by Yahoo, earlier this year (2011).


BBM, RIM's BlackBerry services hit by fresh problems

Posted on

RIM's BlackBerry Internet Services are been reported to be down again for many users in the Europe, Middle East and Africa, just hours after the end of an outage that lasted the best part of a day.


iTunes4Naija: Get iTunes Gift Cards and Create US/UK iTunes account in Nigeria

Posted on 10/10/2011


No matter your nationality or location, you can now create a US/UK iTunes account with ease. If you are Nigerian, you will be able to download apps which are not available in the Nigeria iTunes store right here in Nigeria, provided you have a US/UK iTunes account. 


Pictures of Osaze Odemwingie's Tweets blasting Journalists and Fans

Posted on

Super "chickens" Striker, Osaze Odemwingie, is in the News again and trust me, he is really trending on Twitter. In one of his Tweets, he tagged Naija Press as "useless" and said some fans are ungrateful.


How to UNlink Google Adsense account from Google Analytics

Posted on

Recently, I published how to link a Google Adsense account to Google Analytics account. Today, I am sharing with you, how to UNlink a Google Adsense account from Analytics account.


How I block ads from specific websites from displaying on my blog

Posted on 10/09/2011


Right inside your Google Adsense account dashboard, you can easily block ads from some specific websites from appearing on your blog. Well, different folks have different reasons for doing this but as for me, I do block ads from some sites that I find not really matching the type of content on my blog.


Codes for New MTN Internet Bundles: Get 250MB for #1300

Posted on

MTN Nigeria has introduced new internet bundles, in addition to the present monthly plans. Whether you are using your phone to browse the internet or you are using the MTN Fastlink modem, the new internet bundles will work for you.


Glo Caller Tunes Portal : How To get your Password

Posted on 10/07/2011


Glo Caller Tunes service entertains your callers with select music each time your phone rings, while creating a unique identity for yourself. With a vast range of top quality tunes to choose from, your style can truly be expressed.


9 things you didn’t know about the life of Steve Jobs

Posted on

 Steve Jobs leans against his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs (Lea Suzuki/San Francisco Chronicle/Corbis)

For all of his years in the spotlight at the helm of Apple, Steve Jobs in many ways remains an inscrutable figure — even in his death. Fiercely private, Jobs concealed most specifics about his personal life, from his curious family life to the details of his battle with pancreatic cancer — a disease that ultimately claimed him on Wednesday, at the age of 56.


How to link AdSense account to Google Analytics

Posted on 10/06/2011


You'll find plenty of detailed information about your ads and your site if you link your Google Adsense account to your Google Analytics account. By integrating AdSense with Analytics, you can improve your ad performance and your users' experience.


How to transfer credit on Etisalat Nigeria SIM Card

Posted on

You can electronically transfer airtime from the existing credit in your Etisalat prepaid account to another Etisalat prepaid account. You can transfer any amount. It is secure, as the transfer transaction is PIN protected.


How to use Payment Number to trace location of Google Adsense Check

Posted on 10/05/2011


I just discovered a method by which you can trace the location of your Google Adsense check using your check "Payment Number" instead of the "DHL tracking number". This will enable you to easily track your check once you see the "Payment issued" link on your Google Adsense Payment History Page.


How to create a Group Chat on Facebook

Posted on

Over the last year, the Facebook messages team has been working to make it easier to have one on one conversations with Facebook friends. In November 2010, Facebook  launched the new messages, which brings together chats, texts, emails and messages all in one place. Today I'm excited to introduce an improvement to Facebook chat.

READ MORE Love Letters, Quotes : New Web Pages

Posted on 10/04/2011


If you are one of those that usually visit  for quotes, love letters, poems, ecards etc you will notice lately, that the home page has changed to that of a fashion page. Nevertheless, I am still able to access the love letters etc right from the site.


Invitation to FREE One Day Professional Website Design Seminar

Posted on 10/03/2011


I am delighted to invite you to TheExpertHost absolute FREE One Day Professional Website Design Conference. If you will like to learn how to design a professional website without emptying your pocket for it, this is for you.

READ MORE : Discover Top Mobile sites

Posted on 10/02/2011


If you have a mobile site and looking for a directory where your mobile site can be listed, is for you.  At, you can easily sign up and add your mobile site to so it can be rated alongside other mobile sites already featured on waplog.


How to add Blogger/Blogspot blog to Alexa

Posted on 10/01/2011


You can easily claim your Blogspot blog at Alexa by adding some piece of code to your blog's html. Wondering what Alexa is? Well, you can use Alexa to learn how popular a site is, to find new sites, to learn who owns a site, and a lot more.


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