How To Use an Alternate Name (eg nickname) in Facebook Profile Name

If you are interested in listing your second name on your Facebook account (eg nickname, professional name or maiden name), you will have to add an alternate name to your Facebook account.

How To Get Started
  1. Click the account menu at the top right of your Facebook page.
  2. Choose Account Settings.
  3. Find the Name field and click Edit.
  4. Enter your alternate name in the provided box as seen in the picture below:

5. Check Include this on my profile (timeline) to have your alternate name listed on your profile (timeline). Otherwise, it will only help people find you in search. Save your changes.

Note: If you checked the box to have your alternate name listed on your profile (timeline), it will appear next to your name at the top of your personal profile (timeline) page as seen in the picture below:

The "NigerianBlogger" enclosed in bracket in the picture above is the alternate name I used for this Facebook profile of mine.  The alternate name will also show up next to your name in search results and any friend requests you send.

I hope this helps...



Abdul said…
Thanks for the info
Anonymous said…
This is a wonderful tip a lot are not aware of, thanks
Ruby Claire said…
Wow! thats a unique and new tip for Facebook users. I have shared it on my Facebook wall. Thanks for sharing.

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greatjay said…
Good one, I will try it. Thank you