Mozat Access Code NOT Sent To Your Phone?..The Solution

Recently, I shared how to download Mozat chat messenger to phones but I have noticed that many new users are finding it hard to verify their Mozat registration. Today, I have decided to share with you, a trick I used  to verify my Mozat account when my Mozat access code was not sent to my phone after registration.


If you DID NOT receive your mozat verification code as a text message, minutes after registration;

== >  Exit the Mozat app
== >  Relaunch it
== >  If you see "New User" or "Existing User" , choose "Existing User"
== >  Enter the phone number you entered when you registered
== > On the new page that will come up, click on "No Code"

Check your phone message inbox for your access code. You should see it there.

I hope this trick works for you too.

If you are still having any problem with your Mozat software, feel free to use the comment from below.

My Mozat PIN is M15GK7     Add me. 



  1. pls i downloaded mozat on my fone but after 3days i cudnt access it. It is always showing application error and all my efforts 2 redownload has failed. Pls wot do i do?

  2. Pls I can't download Mozat on my phone q10


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