What is 2go ?

"What is 2go?" This is what some of my friends keep asking me and I have decided to use this post to explain what 2go is all about. Well, 2go a social networking mobile application that allows you to connect to friends and meet new people.
2go messenger is a mobile messenger that allows you to communicate for free with your friends once you download and install it to your mobile device. It is a network of millions of people where you can setup your profile, meet new people, talk to friends, share files and pictures!

The 2go chat application is getting popular, especially in Africa because it easily allows you to meet people within your location. This means you can easily meet people in your state and even people in your college/university.

The 2go chat software also allows you to add a friend via your phonebook. It will scan your phone contacts to see if your contacts are also on 2go. If any of the contacts are on 2go, a friend request will be sent to the contact. Once the person accepts your request, you will be able to start chatting, share pictures etc

More so, 2go chat messenger allows you to chat with your Facebook friends once you connect your 2go account to your Facebook account.

Download 2go chat today and start meeting new people.

Feel free to check out how to download 2go for mobile phones and and how to download 2go for PC.



Amazing post! Thanks a lot.
Anonymous said…
U'v told us what we can see it do nd itz benefitz datz gud bt ma question iz who created 2go and where is itz source 4rm. what goes on at its background we all jus saw a social network datz easier 2 access dan facebook and we rushed into it witout askin any questions about where it came 4rm