Download Kemulator for PC: Run Opera, Java applications on PC

KEmulator allows you to run Java Applications, including opera mini, right on your PC. If you have some java apps you wish to run on your computer, you can enjoy them on your PC, with the help of Kemulator.
Kemulator is a wonderful and easy to use free emulator that runs mobile application in a window environment. It supports Cookie remembering, File downloading, Page saving, Proxy support and it is so easy to set up.

For you to use Kemulator, you must have Java runtime environment on your PC. You can download latest Java RE here if you don't have it.

Thereafter, you can use the search box at to find the Kemulator download link.  Unzip it in any drive or in program file in C: drive. Now create a shortcut of file "Kemulator file" at desktop. Now run the file and you will see the image below

Click on midlet > load jar or load jar with console

Select any java application (.jar file) and click on Open. The file will load and start to run.

After this you're ready to enjoy your lovely mobile java software on your PC same way you enjoy it on your mobile device.

That's all


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Jide Ogunsanya said…
Glad you are now aware of it. Its a very useful application. I am sure you will like it.
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