How I Activated Seller's Account at 1kJobsonline

As at the time of publishing this, for you to make money at; either through sales of your gigs or through the affiliate system, you must activate your account. Once your seller account  at is activated, you will be able to start making money from the site.

How To Get Started

You need to register to buy or sell on If you are yet to register on the site, click here to register. Click "Join" and follow the instructions.

If your registration is successful, you can log in to the site to edit your profile via "Settings" under the "Profile" tab. You’ll also need to enter your complete bank details (name, account number and Bank) on the page for withdrawal purposes.

The next step is to fund your account so you can pay the N1,000 one time start up fee. To fund your account, pay into the bank account details here.

After making the payment, you will have to notify the admin of by filling the form right here:

On confirmation of your payment, your account will be activated and you will receive an email with regards to this.

You can then start creating your gigs and also start earning from friends you refer to the site.

That's all.


Segun said…
Thanks for this very useful info but what is the least I can pay into the account for the first time, when funding it?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
A minimum of N1, 000 bro. Once the activation fee is deducted from your account, your balance will be N0. So, if you would like to buy some gigs, you can just fund the account with more than N1000.