How I Avoid Invalid Adsense Impressions/Clicks using Adblock for Chrome and FireFox

If you do not want Google to terminate your Adsense account, you must abide by the TOS; one of which is that "Publishers may not click their own ads or use any means to inflate impressions and/or clicks artificially, including manual methods."

Many bloggers try all they can to avoid invalid clicks but most do not try to avoid generating impressions because most Bloggers are not even aware of the fact that generating impressions can make Google ban them from the Adsense program.

If you a Blogger and you usually open your blog pages (containing Adsense ads) several times especially when working on your blog, you might be penalized for generating fake impressions.

So, How Do I Avoid This?

As for me, I avoid generating fake impressions by using Adblock plugin for Chrome and Adblock plugin for Mozilla firefox.

What does Adblock Plugin Does?

AdBlock plugin blocks all advertisements on all web pages, even Facebook, Youtube, and Hulu.

Once installed to your browser, anytime you want to work on your blog, just use the Chrome browser or Firefox browser. When you visit your blog, Adsense ads will not show on your blog, hence, you can reload your blog as many times as possible without the fear of been hammered by Google.

You can adjust the settings of the plugin to filter some websites. Feel free to adjust the settings of the plugin as you desired.

I hope this helps..

I will be sharing more useful Chrome plugins as time passes by. Just make sure you subscribe to this blog for you not to miss the updates.



Cyracks Zenda said…
This is nice man, thank you for this saving grace info i have successfully installed mine
Was helpful
Mr Inspiration said…
I've installed mine sharply! God i've tried to find a way through this and Oga Jide just did. thanks Boss!