How To Add "Follow Me On Twitter" to Blogger Blog

The Twitter Follow Button is a small widget which allows users to easily follow a Twitter account from any webpage. If you add the twitter follow button to your blog, it will help your visitors to connect with you on Twitter.

If you want to add the "Follow Me on Twitter" button to your Blogger blog, follow the steps below.

How To Get Started

Go to :

Fill the button options accordingly and copy the code

Log in to your Blogger dashboard

Go to Layout or Design

Right on the sidebar, click "Add a gadget"

Choose "HTML/Javascript" gadget from the list that will come up

Paste the code of the button into it. You can give it a title: "Follow Me On Twitter"

Click SAVE.

That's all

View your  blog and you should see the "Follow Me on Twitter" button on your blog.

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daayur said…
it works perfect on ma site,great
Kanyi Okeke said…
Nice one ..Thanks...Noticed you switched back to blogger comment system.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Yes, I switched back pending the time Google works on the Google+ comment notifications.