Learn How To Design Websites and Blogs Using Wordpress

At last, you can now build a website within few hours using Wordpress, with no programming skills! Thanks to Oyedepo John, who is ready to take you by hand through the whole process. He has developed a simple guide that will teach you how to bring up a blog or website from scratch using WordPress!, within few days even if you hate writing codes.

Gone are the days when you MUST 'cram' several series of code before you can come up with a website. However, with the CMS functionality of WordPress, you can create just anything ranging from eCommerce Websites to Business or Corporate Website, and of course, personal blogs.

Do I Need WordPress?

Yes, you need it because...

=> You can start your own blog and start making residual income from it through Google Adsense and other affiliate programs

=> You don’t like blogging? With WordPress, you can start creating and designing blogs and websites for businesses, companies and individuals and charge them for it

=> You can learn the tips and strategies in this guide and become a WordPress Expert, then teach others for a fee.

==> http://www.mycyberblogs.com/jide.html

The 133-page ebook is an illustrated manual with easy, step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow. Every step is illustrated with enough screenshots,and other features to make your blog out-look looks great as if you are a pro.

==> http://www.mycyberblogs.com/jide.html

Guess What? He is also going to give out FREE BONUSES

==> 20 Premium WordPress Themes (Worth $700)

==> 5 WordPress Plugins ($400)

==> SEO That Works ($10)

==> 2 Ways 2 Earn (Worth $7)

==> Facebook Social Ads Exposed (Worth $14.95)

And to crown it all, the ultimate BONUS:

"He will personally follow you up on your blog project. He will be available to help you through your first WordPress blog creation and design for a whooping whole 30 days".

That means, if you order your own copy of WordPress Setup Guide today, He will personally mentor you through the whole setup in case you are stuck on the way.

NOTE: This is EXCLUSIVELY available only to the FIRST 10 PEOPLE TO ORDER WordPress Setup Guide so that He will be able to attend and concentrate on few people at the same time.

How Much Does it Cost?

For the FIRST 10 SMART GUYS to grab this guide, Pay N2, 000.
If you are not among the first 10, am sorry you will have to pay N3, 500. So, ACT NOW!

==> Check it out now and make sure you are one of the FIRST 10 PEOPLE and if you can't, make sure you make your reservation.

What Next?

Just head over to, http://www.mycyberblogs.com/jide.html grab the payment details, pay to the bank account on the page, forward your payment details as instructed and your package will be mailed to you asap.

Make sure you text the payment details to me(07062918898) so I can follow it up and ensure you get what you paid for.


  1. Anonymous2/08/2012

    How much is the manual?

    1. N2000 if you are lucky to be one of the first 10 to order for it.

  2. good on bro, how mush is it hope its not costy

    1. N2000 if you are lucky to be one of the first 10 to order for it, else you will have to get it at N3, 500 normal price

    2. thank you boss, i will have to order asap..


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