Parse Adsense Code for Blogger Template using BlogCrowds HTML Parser

You can easily use the Adsense gadget to add Google adsense ads to the sidebar and other parts of your blogger blog, but adding adsense ads inside your blog posts (without using a widget) doesn't come easy. If you paste Google AdSense, Chitika, AdBrite or any other javascript ad code into your xml Blogger template, you will see an error message after clicking the "SAVE Template" button.

Even if the template somehow, managed to save without showing you an error message, the ads will not show. I have received series of complaints from some Bloggers, saying their ads fail to show on their blog, despite following the right instruction of adding Adsense in Blogger template. Well, if that ever happens to you, then you should know that you have made one mistake ---- You did not parse you code.

So, What is the way out?

You must first Parse the adsense ad script or any code you want to insert into your template before pasting it in Blogger template. BlogCrowds HTML Parser is a very good tool I use. At the website, you can automatically parse or encode your adsense code, or that of Adbrite, Chitika and any other javascript code.

When you copy the adsense code from you account, you will have to paste it in the form on the site to parse it or encode it. After pasting your code ,you will have to click the Parse button. The page will reload and you will see the parsed code. If you insert this parsed code into your Blogger template, you will not see any error and when you view your blog, your ads will be displayed.

That's all.

Check out the BlogCrowds HTML Parser Now.

You can bookmark the page so you can easily locate it whenever you need it.


  1. Thanks oga jide...
    i have been fighting with this issue eee going to 5 hours,thanks for this


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