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If you are a social media addict like me, with profiles on different social media sites, you can now update all your social media sites at once. I mean, with a single update, you can update all your social networks at once, without having to update all the social media sites individually. Hence, you can focus on other things instead of jumping from one site to another, just to get them updated.

So, how is this possible?

Well, it is possible with the help of

What is ? is a website where you can automatically update a large number of social networks and bookmarking sites all at once. Social networks supported include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Friendfeed etc. You can find the list of supported social networks or services here:

How To Get Started

Go to and sign up for Free

After registration, what next?

You need to start adding social networks that you want to hook into your Ping.FM account. The good news is, you only need to do this once. Adding each network is mostly adding your username and password for each of your social media network and granting permission to your network where neccessary.

Setup is easy. Right from your dashboard, just click the "Add Network" and follow the directions on the service page. After adding your networks, any update you post via will get posted to the networks you have added to your account.

That's all.

One cool thing I like about is the "Posting Groups". Posting groups allow you to post to the social networks of your choice. For example; Say you have Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn set up and you want to post to Twitter and Facebook, but not LinkedIn.  This can be easily done.  You can read more about Posting groups here.

Note: You can post to your via website, email, mobile app, sms etc.

In my future posts, I will be sharing with you more info on what you can do with, including how to use to build backlinks. Just make sure you subscribe to this blog.



  1. I have been using for a while now but I did not even know there is "Posting groups". Now that am aware of if, I will now be able to do more at Thanks for this write up

    1. Thanks for the comment. The "Posting groups" has been very useful to me and am sure you will find it quite useful too.

  2. I have used this tool in the past, but after a while it failed.

    1. I guess its acquisition by might be affecting it.

  3. thanks for this information, i don't have a linkdln accout... Hope it would support only facebook & twitter. Once more, thanks.

    1. Yes, you can add only your Facebook and Twitter accounts

  4. I have been on the Search for the Function of Ping me for a while now! Thank God am Aware of it now!....

    Thanx Ogbongeblog & Thanx Jide!!!

    1. i am glad you now understand how it works. Thanks so much for taking time to comment on this. One love bro

  5. Great post once again Jide. Thanks, you are doing a great job


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