WAEC TimeTable 2012 and Syllabus

 Today, I am sharing with you the 2012 waec timetable. WAEC timetable and waec syllabus for the examination could easily be printed or downloaded if you log in to the waec website.

Below is the waec timetable 2012 verified and updated:

*Day 1
Wednesday 4th of April 2012
Chemistry (practical) A 9-11am
Chemistry (practical) A 11:30-1:30am
*Day 2
Tuesday 10th of April 2012
Government 2 (essay) 9-11:30am
Government 1 (objective) 11:30-12:30pm
*Day 3
Wednesday 11th of April 2012
Financial accounting (theory and practice) 9-11:30am
Financial accounting1 (objective) 11:30-12:30pm
Biology (objective & theory) 2:30-5:00pm
*Day 4
Thursday 12th of April 2012
Biology 1 (practical) 9-11am
Biology 1 (practical) 11:30-1:30pm
*Day 5
Wednesday 18th of April 2012
Physics 1 (practical) A 9-11:45am
Physics 1 (practical) A 12:15-3:00pm
*Day 6
Thursday 19th of April 2012
Chemistry 2 (obj & theory). 12-3:00pm
*Day 7
Tuesday 24th of April 2012
Agricultural Science 1 (practical) A 9-10:30am
Agricultural Science1 (practical) A 11-12:30pm
*Day 8
Wednesday 25th of April 2012
Economics 2 (essay) 9-12pm
Economics (objective) 12-12:30pm
*Day 9
Thursday 26th of April 2012
General Mathematics (essay)9-11:30am
General Mathematics (objective) 2-3:30pm
*Day 10
Monday 30th of April 2012
English 1 (essay) 9-11:30am
English 1 (essay) alternative B. 9-11:30am
English 2 (objective) 2-3pm
English 2 (objectiv) alternative B. 2-3:15pm
English test of oral 3:30-4:15pm
*Day 11
Thursday 3rd of May 2012
Lit-in-english (drama & poetry) 9-11:30am
Lit-in-english 3 & 1 (prose & obj) 2-4:15pm
*Day 12
Friday 4th of May 2012
Geography (obj & essay) 9-11:40am
Geography essay. 3-5pm
*Day 13
Monday 7th of May 2012
Commerce 2 (essay) 9-11:30am
Commerce 1 (objective) 11:30-12-30pm
Physics 2 (obj & essay) 1-3:45pm
*Day 14
Tuesday 8th of May 2012
C.R.K 2 (essay) 9-11:30am
C.R.S 2 (essay) 9-11:30am
C.R.S 1 (objective). 11:30-12:30pm
C.R.K 1 (objective). 11:30-12:30pm
*Day 15
Wednesday 9th of May 2012
Agricultural science (obj & Essay) 9-12pm
         *Day 16
Friday 11th May
Yoruba 2 (essay). 9-11am
Yoruba 1 (objective). 3-4pm
*Day 17
Tuesday 15th of May 2012
History 2 (essay) 9-11:30am
History 1 (objective) 11:30-12:30pm
*Day 18
Wednesday 16th of May 2012
Further maths (essay) 9-11:30am
Further maths (objective) 3-4:30pm

You can download the current waec syllabus here. You can also check out the waec e-learning center for resources for all WAEC approved subjects that will help you understand the standards required for success in respective Examinations.

I hope this helps. Wishing you all the best in the exam.



  1. thanks so much for sharing this especially the e-learning center. I wasn't aware of it at all.


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