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How To Buy Recharge Cards Online

Written By Jide Ogunsanya

In one of my previous posts, I shared with you "How To Pay DSTV Subscription Online at Quickteller.com". Today, I am sharing with you, how I recharge my phone at Quickteller.com with my ATM card. When I don't have much cash at hand, all I do, is to log on to the site and buy airtime conveniently.

How To Get Started

You can follow the steps below to buy airtime of your preferred network.

==> Go to www.quickteller.com

==> You will be required to login before you can buy recharge top up at Quickteller.com. So, log in or register if you do not have an account.

==> Once logged in, Click on "Direct Top Up" link under the network you want to top up. A page will open showing different airtime denominations of the network

==> Click on "Pay" next to the denomination you want to buy. You will see a page like the one in the picture below:

==> Ensure the email address is correct and enter the phone number you want to recharge. Click "Next"

==> Verify your details on the next page and click "Pay"

==> The Interswitch web payment gateway will pop up. Select your Card type, enter your card details and click "Pay".

If your payment is successful, receipt confirmation will be mailed to you and you will also see it displayed for you.

That's all.

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Written By Jide Ogunsanya on March 15, 2012

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  1. It worked. thanks for the info.

  2. Anonymous5/28/2012

    Quick teller does not pay all verve card please can u tell me those it pays

    1. Pay Verve cards? I dont seem to understand you.

  3. Anonymous7/11/2012

    Pls what are card number, card PIN and card verification value and where are they located on the ATM card? Thanks in advance

    1. The card number is on your ATM card, the card PIN is the PIN you enter whenever you want to withdraw from the ATM machine and the Security code is at the back of your card.

    2. The card number is on your ATM card, the card PIN is the PIN you enter whenever you want to withdraw from the ATM machine and the Security code is at the back of your card.

  4. Chithub.com is yet another e-commerce website where you can purchare recharge cards online using your ATM card. You can read more about them http://netmediablog.com/buy-recharge-cards-online-in-nigeria-with-atm-cards/

    1. Desmond, thank you so much, your suggestion was very helpful to me.

  5. Hey! Our website http://topupgenie.com lets you buy credit for all networks in Nigeria. We also allow you manage a contact list so you can send credit to friends and family. If you wish, you can also use our service to manage your staff topupgs :]

  6. You can buy all denominations of nigerian recharge cards at a discount at http://www.rechargecardsonline.com

    The site also features a nigerian recharge cards affiliate program and an online bulk-buying option.


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