How To Send Pictures From Blackberry To Facebook Friends

Have some pictures on your Blackberry phone which you would like to share with some Facebook friends that are not on your BBM contact list? Well, you can get this done without stress. All you just need is the facebook username of your friend.

The logic behind this trick is you sending the picture from your BB via email to the Facebook email address of your friend. If your friend has claimed his/her facebook username at , the facebook email address will match his/her public username.

How do I  know the Facebook username of my friend?

Just visit his/her profile and copy the url from the address bar of your browser.

If your friend's profile url is :, then his/her facebook email will be

So, How Do I Send the Picture?

==> From your BB, select the picture you want to send.

==> Press the option key and go to "Send" ==> "Email" as seen in the picture below:

==> The email editor will open up. Enter the Facebook email address of your friend in the "To" field.

==> Press the option key and select "Send".

That's all.

The picture will be delivered to the Facebook inbox of your Facebook friend.

I hope this helps.

Feel free to let me know if it works for you and do not forget to share this with friends using the Share/Like/Tweet buttons.