Scam Alert: "Update Your Yahoo Account" is Phishing Email Scam

Today, I am sharing with you, another phishing email scam message I received in my Yahoo inbox today. This time around, the spammers think they can fool me to get the log in details of my Yahoo account..

The email simply warns me to update my Yahoo account if I do not want my Yahoo email to be deleted before 5 days. The email is simply a phishing email scam. Below is a screenshot of the email message sent to me:

If you click on the verification link in the message, you will be redirected to "" which is totally different from the "" in the message. This alone is enough to let you know it is a SCAM.

Please, beware and do not fall for this cheap scam or else, your yahoo email will be hacked and you might not be able to log into it anymore.

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  1. I received the spam email too. I deleted it instantly.

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