What is Badoo All About?

Lately, I keep receiving emails with subject line "....has left you a message on Badoo" despite the fact that I don't even know what Baddo is all about not until today. This frequent emails forced me to find out what exactly is Badoo and have decided to share my findings with you.

Badoo.com is a place where you can meet new people online locally and from all over the world. So whether you want to chat, share photos and videos, keep in touch with friends or just meet new people to date, you're sure to find plenty of people waiting for you on Badoo.

You can easily meet new people on the site as it allows you to search for people based on their gender, age, location and whether or not they have uploded a photo. You can also filter the search results to show only members that are online.

How To Join Baddo.com

Go to www.badoo.com (NOT bandoo.com) and sign up.

If you are on Facebook, you can just sign in badoo with your Facebook account by clicking the Facebook connect option.

Once successfully registered,you can start searching for people to chat with.

If you sign in to Badoo.com with your Facebook account, your Facebook pictures will be imported to your Badoo account and one of the pictures will be used as your Badoo profile picture.

PLEASE, do not forget to go to "settings" to disable all the email notifications or else your email will be bombarded with Badoo emails.

You can check me out on Badoo: www.badoo.com/ogbongeblog

Have fun!