How I Browse Free on iPad with Glo Recharge Bonus

Last week, I informed you that Globacom Nigeria is currently rewarding customers 30% to 120% bonus of FREE airtime, SMS and Data on recharges from N200 and above till April 30th, 2012. You can use the free data to browse free on your mobile phone, computer and tablets.

I am browsing free on my Apple iPad without any hack nor special configurations with the free recharge bonus. If I recharge with N1000 airtime, Glo rewards me with 25MB recharge bonus as seen in the picture below:

free Glo recharge bonus
If you access the Glo HSI page via your iPad safari browser after recharging with N500, N1000 or N1500, you will see your bonus as seen in the picture above.

If you try accessing a web page after you might have exhausted the free data, the Glo HSI page will come up, prompting you to subscribe to a new data plan.

To enjoy the free data, YOU DO NOT NEED to change the APN settings of your iPad. The free data works with the normal "gloflat" APN on my iPad.

So, start recharging and enjoy the free data till it lasts.

Remember, the Easter promo ends by April 30th, 2012.

Feel free to check out "How to load Glo Airtime on iPad" and the full info of the Glo Easter Promo.



Richard said…
Thanks for this. I am also enjoying my recharge bonus now. Glo rocks and not as stingy as some.