Not Opening On Your PC? The Solutions

I have been making money online at for a while now but recently I noticed that the site no longer opens on my PC, though opens on my Blackberry. If you are facing similar problem, worry no more as am sharing with you in this post, how to fix the problem.

It is still not clear to me if it is fiverr that blocks some IP or if it is some Internet Service Providers that are blocking on their servers. Which ever way, you can unblock and keep making money on the website.


1. If you are using network A to browse and fiverr no longer opens, try browsing with other networks. If you want to keep browsing with network A for reasons best known to you, try the second solution below.

2. Unblock with the help of softwares that hide your IP and ensure anonymous browsing. There are loads of them out there including the Your-Freedom Software, Ultrasurf, FreeGate, Hotspotshield etc. As at the time of publishing this, I use the free version of the HotspotShield software on my PC to access

Proxy sites like ninjacloak and VPN softwares will also work for you. If you own a Blackberry phone, you can easily access your fiverr account without using any other software or proxy. I use my Blackberry a lot just to log in to my account to prevent suspension because if you fail to log in to after some weeks, your account might be suspended.

I hope this helps.

Feel free to contribute and ask questions.



  1. Joseph5/03/2012

    Nice tutorial there. Yes, not been opening on my Glo all these while but now using my dedicated VPN to unlock it

  2. Anonymous9/01/2012

    I use my blackberry with mtn networks I can open with opera browser which has foreign ip address, bt the mobile browser which has 9ja Ip will not open or login. What can I do?

    1. In that case, keep using the opera browser. The BB default browser will also give you access to


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