How To Activate Airtel SIM On iPad Nigeria For Internet Browsing

If you want to use an Airtel Nigeria SIM card on your Apple 3G iPad, you will have to buy the Airtel micro SIM from an Airtel office, register the SIM and wait for it to be activated. Once activated, you can insert it into the iPad for you to start surfing the internet with your iPad but before that can be possible, you will have to configure your iPad with Airtel internet settings (Airtel APN settings).

How To Configure Airtel APN Settings on Apple iPad

==> Tap the Settings icon on your iPad screen

==> Tap "Mobile data" or "Cellular data". You should now see "APN settings" as seen in the picture below

==> Tap the "APN Settings" and input the settings below:

Username: internet
Password: internet

==> You can now press the "Home button" to exit the "settings" page.
==> Launch your safari browser and you should now be able to browse the internet with your iPad using an Airtel Nigeria SIM.

NOTE: You must have recharged and subscribed to Airtel Internet bundles before you can browse the net. You can easily do this by inserting your micro SIM into your phone before inserting it into your iPad.

You will also have to follow the same steps if you want to use your Etisalat SIM, GloMobile SIM or MTN SIM on your iPad, though you have to configure each network with its own APN settings. 

I hope this works.

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  1. Nice tips Jide, i really love your articles

  2. The blackberry social complete for airtel works on PC and other devices.
    You get 1gb for N1200 only.
    text BSM to 440 and restart your phone.

    1. thanks for sharing this info bro

  3. Anonymous5/19/2012

    Thanks for the info but am I going to use gloflat APN or glosecure APN for Glomobile?

    1. If you subscribe to GloMobile Internet bundles, use the gloflat apn

  4. Anonymous10/27/2012

    Thanks a lot for the post. But please, i have not figured how to do a data recharge on my airtel ipad since there is no place to do such on the ipad. Even the SIM applications does not have such option. Also, since its a micro sim, it can not fit into a normal phone for me to do it there. Please i need your help on this. Thanks

  5. Anonymous12/17/2012

    Pls av done all dis but its stil not browsing I even took it to airtel office

    1. Just try Glo if Airtel is not working for you. I use Glo on my iPad.

  6. Anonymous12/20/2012

    Good it really solve my prob

  7. Anonymous12/21/2012

    Plz how do I use my activate blackberry sim on ipad thank u

  8. Anonymous12/22/2012

    Please how do i subscibe to glo bundles?

  9. I use this on my ipad 3, i have to say the airtel plan is very acceptable. considering how exoensive the alternative is. Thanks a lot Mr Jide, I saw this first here

  10. Anonymous2/09/2013

    please, i exhausted my one gig in mere days, i need to recharge it again now but the network response is you can not migrate while still on a BIS plan. i dont know what to do, any help?

  11. Waoh! this took me a lot of time to figure out before I saw this Post , I wasted so much time reading it from Here ... Jide is simple the Ogbonge Man. Kudos!


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