How To Activate Anonymous Comments in Blogger Blogs

One of the ways you can increase your blog comments is by allowing your readers to comment on your blog, anonymously i.e without having to include their names nor their web address in the comment form when commenting on your blog post. If you do not allow anonymous comments on your blog, some readers will never comment on your blog.

The default Blogger's comment settings prevent anonymous readers from commenting on Blogger blogs. Hence if your blog is a Blogger/Blogspot blog, you will have to set "who can comment" to "anyone" via the comment settings before anonymous readers can be able to comment on your blog.

How To Get Started

==> Login to your Blogger dashboard and select the blog you want to edit (if you have more than one)

==> Go to Settings ==> Posts and Comments. You should see something similar to the picture below:

==> Set the "who can comment" to "anyone" and click Save.

If you view one of your blog posts, you should now see an "anonymous" option in the "comment as" box of the Blogger comment form as seen in the picture below:

That's all.



Anonymous said…
Yeah, it worked. So simple. thanks
Dadamac ago are said…
This is so simple that i quickly implemented it on my blog, thanks to Jide the por blogger
Dadamac ago are said…
this guide is so simple for bloggers to implement thanks to Jide the pro blogger
JayRyan'sBlog said…
But how to disable anonymous comments but allow people to still write in "Name/URL"? That feature is missing in Blogger.
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Mr. Jide, I've been dancing Azonto since i saw this...

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